Monday, May 4, 2009

My new family

No photo's today but a little update. I'm settling in to my new family very well. I even have a new name. They call me Misty. Which is just perfect because that's what Aunt Jane always called me (Miss T.) She could never remember, or say Tresa.
I am also training to be a hunting dog. I have a trainer that comes to the house several times a week and I love him. I'm learning hand commands and just bonding with my new Daddy Jack. The trainer said I'm very smart. DUH! we knew that. Mommy Marge is spoiling me rotten. They went away for the weekend and she left a whole list of instructions for Jane. Like she never took care of a dog before?
When the backyard is less of a pond Mom#1 and Aussie will come over for a visit. Thanks for checking my blog. Hopefully I'll have new photos soon.