Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving adventures

3 months this week. I'm getting bigger every day. I still have my fluff but I'm kind of long & clumsy right now. My Grandparents & Owen came in to visit. Sadly Grandma had to visit that place called the hospital again. I visited her and made all the nurses say AWWW. Aussie got to go too cuz she's a therapy dog. We had to take turns going. Mom couldn't handle both of us together. The first time I met Grandma was the day I came home. She was in the emergency room that day too. I hope she doesn't make a habit of this. I guess that's why Owen has a job. I practiced my under when they had a big dinner. Owen thinks I'm a pest and ignores me.
We did make a labby sandwich for a minute for some cookies. I can't stand to stay still for too long. Ive got playing to do.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Mom went to see the eye doctor this week. I sure am getting practice at all these places. I was a very good girl and slept under the chair while Mom sat in a dark room and named off all these letters. It didn't make much sense to me but the doctor seemed pleased. When we were done I got to pose for a picture. Mom made it very clear we don't get up on furniture, but this one time was special just for a photo.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Doctors appointments

I've had a lot of practice at doctors offices this week. Tues I went with Miss Jane to get her hearing checked. The lady was putting squeaky things in Miss Jane's ears. I thought that was very interesting. She also let me sniff them but I could not taste them. They made funny noises.
Today I went with Mom to the dentist. I was a great girl and took a snooze while I waited. Then I showed my teeth to the lady there. She reminded Mom to brush them so they stay sparkly white.
Mom tried to make me pose in Tank's bowl. I didn't want to cooperate. As soon as I got out of the bowl. Aussie snatched it up and carried it all over the house. She thinks Tupperware is a fun toy.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Playing nice

This week I did my first disability awareness presentation for 60 first graders. They were a little wiggly just like me! I sat, came when mom called my name and gave some good eye contact. My down is a little inconsistant yet. I was a very good girl in the school and everyone made a fuss over me.

I've also been practicing playing nice with my sister. She is very sweet with me but I like to bite her feet & skin on her neck. This learning manners thing is hard.

Monday, November 3, 2008

My visit to the vet

Today I got to meet my new doctor. He is very nice and I got some treats for being good. He said I am very beautiful and check out okay. I swallowed some yummy medicine for my tummy and got a shot. It didn't even hurt!

Then I went to the hospital to see the nurses. I wore my cute cheerleader outfit and got squeals from everyone as I walked by.