Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our day in court

You probably remember the day I flew to Phoenix (March 10th.) That's the day Mom got a ticket because the officer said I was doing tricks & causing a crowd to develop at the airport. Today was the day to discuss her ticket with the judge. I couldn't go because I'm out of the program and can't wear the cape anymore. Mom was a little nervous. Those people at the airport are very serious. The rule is that at Metro airport pups in training need a permit. We didn't know that and PAWS didn't either. So no permit means a fine. A big one! The judge was nice and said if Mom didn't misbehave for 4 months then they would forget the whole thing. She's on probation. She was stressed out & upset with the whole thing. Good thing I'm still here at my first home to make her feel better. I plan on going to my new home at Grandpa Jack's at the end of the week.
Everything is settled for now. Back to my lunch.


Judy said...

Oh my! Well, I still think Tressa would have looked good in a striped jumpsuit and hat.
Good Job Andrea - glad you took it to court. Watch out for those security guards (Mall Cops) they are everywhere! Aunt Judy will "bail you out" anytime - anywhere!

Lightning said...

I'm glad things came out all right. Thanks for sharing your information too, so that we won't get into that situation. I haven't flown with the pups, but Lightning and Cheetah have been to the airport several times.

Madison and Andros said...

Sounds like you did great! Those times are always hard!